Primary Focus

  •  Negotiate fair deals for producers and buyers
  • Promote innovation through facilitating knowledge exchange and transformation
  • Promote the production of African goods in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet European standards
  •  Make timely information available regarding funding opportunities
  • Walk you through the funding criteria
  • Provide financial advice on how to manage resources in your project
  • Support you to find guaranteed finances to improve your productivity, business or project success
  •  Facilitate projects and provide technical expert advice on successful project management

Our Plan and Role in development

Africa is a diverse region of great culture, music, art, and sports. Unfortunately, Africa suffers from severe challenges such as economic instability, gender inequality, and lower industrial development. Africa has an ample scope to rise and bring about the structural transformation that will help gain stability shortly. This can be done by bringing unity among all the nations of Africa, thereby providing employment opportunities and business development. Industrialization does not happen automatically or instantly. It needs consistent hard work, efficient approaches, and time. Africa needs to build on its existing economic structures (including its focus on agricultural activities), engage in trade and regional integration, and access newly available technologies. Africa should work on introducing the New Industrial revolution in this continent